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    Freight forwarding or delivery of goods is critical elements of global business (Sejati International Logistic). Along with technological advances and globalization, many companies are doing business overseas and need fast, safe and
    efficient goods delivery services. This article will discuss the definition, advantages, and types of services offered by freight forwarding companies.

    Definition of Freight Forwarding

    Freight forwarder is a service given by a company that specialises in organising the delivery of goods from one location to another using various modes of transport, including ships, aircraft, trains, and

    Advantages of Freight Forwarding

    Fast and Efficient Delivery Freight agent companies have the expertise and experience necessary to coordinate the delivery of products. They can assist customers in selecting the fastest and most cost-efficient shipping route, as well as arranging the necessary documentation and requirements.

    More cost-efficient

    Freight forwarding can help consumers cut down on shipping expenses by optimising cargo space and offering more competitive shipping rates.

    Guaranteed Goods Security

    Freight forwarding companies ensure the safety of goods during shipment by using the latest technology and complying to strict security regulations.

    Excellent After-Sales Service

    Freight forwarding also offers excellent after-sales services, such as shipping insurance, shipment tracking, and handling claims for damaged or lost goods.

    Types of Freight Forwarding Service

    Air Freight
    Air freight are goods delivery services using airplanes. This type of service is usually used for delivery of goods that have a very short
    delivery time.

    Ocean/Sea Freight
    Sea freight refer to the delivery of goods by ship. This service is typically used for large or heavy goods and has a longer delivery time.

    Land Freight
    Land freight refers to the delivery of commodities through trucks or railroads. Often, this service is used to ship goods within the country or between neighbouring countries.


    Freight forwarder and delivery of goods are vital services in international business. Freight agent companies can assist customers in the delivery of goods in a timely, secure, and effective
    manner. Shipping services provided include air, sea and land shipments. By utilising the services of a shipping agent company, customers may ensure the timely and secure delivery of their goods.